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The best seafood in the world is caught in the cold waters of Alaska. The Prince William Sound, sometimes abbreviated PWS, holds some of the most unique food sources in the world. Copper River Salmon is the most desired Salmon on planet Earth!

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Flopping Fresh Seafood is more than name, it’s a choice. Most seafood for sale in the store has suffered tremendous quality downgrades, only to be sold as premium seafood. Unlike Flopping Fresh! It’s always FRESH!

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Your Flopping Fresh Seafood will arrive in a cardboard box with dry ice. Overnight shipping will enure you are eating the freshest seafood possible.

Flopping Fresh Seafood

All our seafood is sourced by Capt. Tripp Wood. He gained experience within Prince William Sound over the past eleven years. He started out as a sport fisherman, and moved on to becoming a Charter Captain of his own vessel, as well as a commercial fisherman.

Eager to explore every bay of the Sound and learn its fishing secrets, he has spent thousands of hours on the water, in all kinds of weather. He is also a history buff, and has read many of the books regarding the area’s rich past. As a previous elementary school teacher… [read more]

Tripp Wood (704) 975-2598